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Qihui,happy fifteen .

So this is the small small me

Trislynn Leow qihui♥


Pink,Blue and Black is loved

Came to this earth at 25nov<3

I don't want to be perfect,but to be your only one♥

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Wans and thinks!

New wallet
Buy colour contact lens
Syf guzheng GOLD
Get a1 a2 for Chi o lvl next week
Still friends with Cg
Get aggregate 10 to 15 for o lvl
Hang out more with clique
Slack after olvl
More Money
New Hp
Comp and itouch fixed
New Bag
Love those i love 4ever
Please fufill all my wishes & I'll love you loads !
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Sunday, June 5, 2011♥
You Will Always Be With Me; 11:32 AM

Boring days this few days and everyday is just stay at home sleep watch tv play comp eat.. haha yesterday was uber fun:D My cousin's housewarming party.

Reached his house at 6+? All guys sia sibei emo...LOL Eat the wonderful food my aunt cook and went to play a game of murder haha. stupid sia my cousin blink so openly until every1 die ler the police nvr catch -.- . Played another game idk call what loser must eat leftover food.Fetch Jiayuan lol direction blur haha. Walk back to my cousin house me n jiayuan keep say kosum drunk cuz he drink beer plus keep saying wrong thing. It proves it right by doing a cross leg while goin in the lift and bang the walls.HAHA me and jiayuan laugh like no tmr. Jiayuan eat while i drink my breezer super nice youmeiyou.To me it taste like soft drink for 4% alchol:D Play daidi with my cousin friend while cousin and some of his friend drank the 40% wine mix with coke . All become goondoo start to get dizzy, best of all my cousin drunk until ask money non stop. Pay liaos still ask the ppl for money haha.homed at 11 plus while some of them go see xmen movie :S

Monday, May 30, 2011♥
You Will Always Be With Me; 10:43 PM

So moral of the story is to smile everyday:D
If only he makes me save even just by looking from far..

Well im super hype
r today after my exams. Slept at 1 the day before, was thinking jialat tmr cfm cannot wake up. Dhen really cannot wake worhs cuz my stupid alarm bo ring, thx mommy for waking me up hehe:D. changed and meet beatrice at mrt and sch-ed, every1 was already there sia like omg so early.Suddenly had stomach ache dhen keep go toilet but nth came out sibei scared sia tat time thinking later exam how sia i faint jiu die liaos. Go in exam hall cuz of stomach ache keep produce cold sweat buey tahan the pain, hand tremble like dk what luhs. But i survived paper1 in pain for the 1st part:D break and went to paper 2. So freaking lots of trick question, i think wan dan liao luhs. Must chiong for oral and listening liaos. At 1st wanted to go see movie with JY and her bf plus her mei and kosum. But cancel after that cuz no ticket and slack whole day at home.Fell asleep on bed while slack, maybe too little slp tat night tv-ed dhen eat. Dad nagged at my MYE result,tsk i noe is my fault larhs so i made my mind to study from now on!:D



PANDA 2!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011♥
You Will Always Be With Me; 9:40 PM

Nth to post today woke up at 10, Tv-ed and did not study a thing for
MT o lvl tsk im dead meat seriously bo mood.I know euu dun wan to
hurt me,but it hurts me more to see euu like tis. I know im not worth
for euu, maybe i shld really give up and just hide by the side to care for euu.
Its seems like understanding euu became part of my life. I know euu
even better dhen my own family, i feel so tired. Everytime i tell myself
not to be too serious in relationships, it end like this. Its always me which
tries to understand him then him to noe me at all. I sick of it seriously:'(

Friday, May 27, 2011♥
You Will Always Be With Me; 7:22 PM

Its been a long time since i blog. Tired mentally and physically :(.Shall not say abt what happen 2 days ago.
Woke up,Waited for beatrice at mrt
The new platform sux ttm super late so i left without her ps uhh
Reached sch, start the usual intensive while the rest of the sch at hall watch movie :(
slept in class after recess and stayed back to take report book. Cui ttm lousy like dunno
what sighh... Here are the crappy results
Eng E8 cmi..
Chinese c5
Add maths b3
e maths a2
Comb sci d7
comb humans c5
Poa c6
(aggregate for l1r5 29, l1r423. No nid go poly ler)
class pos 23/41
lvl pos 71/125

Must really chiong liaos really pek cek by result all thanks to my stupid brain
and also all the troubles.How show my parents results...
I am really very tired of life. It seems that he and some1 became very close,
are they really having sth that i dun wish they would. But still hoping he would
be happy, i will be happy ler.And till he had the decision, its time for me to give
up and carry on with no relationship forever.

Monday, May 23, 2011♥
You Will Always Be With Me; 8:21 PM

Hey i back:D SO FREAK TIRED TODAY YOUMEIYOU!!!started with intensive mother tongue
and had to survive 5 long hours of non stop Chinese Chinese and only Chinese! Recess-ed at 10.30
kinda weird timing tsk.Why is all they friends staring at me!Nahs dont care ler then chinese again!
meet with peisi at avt and went to change clothes.Out again to fetch cheryl wang sibei dua pai. Peisi
was like avoiding yuanching de ppl. But wtf so suey luhs meet tio the whole group of them,of course
run larhs i think he saw.But was running towards xinli, hayati and their friend. Haha discuss about my shirt?Then walked back to wait for cheryl wang,went back peisi house wait for her shower. Off to Bugis!!!slack at mrt fooling with peisi arrived and shop.Hey peisi you know what, you want buy thing dont here scared there scared can just buy larhs tsk tsk.Walk so long keep seeing that shirt yet you dont want buy. Go take neoprint that time then say wan that shirt haiz. The neoprint is seriously small dao! JJ came along and walked aimlessly at Iluma.lame luhs keep go up down the hot cold escalator.I really dont know how to face him haiz, totally never talk to him. I really felt so sick and sleepy just now and have totally no mood to talk to anyone ps all 3 of you.I know i very emo and never talk at all, next time wont ler:D Homed later and fight with my mom thanks a lot uhh!!!-'- sick still kpkb me, DO I LOOK LIKE I FREAKING CARE ??!! 7 more days to chinese O LVL gambatte!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011♥
You Will Always Be With Me; 6:50 PM

It feels so real...

My heart feel so shattered:'(

Please really stop it!:(

Feel totally no mood today... After what happened just now. Seriously felt so pissed, ask you all things never answer i shout to get attention both say me noisy. I feel so sad hearing what you say and get irritated by me. I'm just trying to get the problem solved,and dont you know how much i wish you would go. Yet you dont seems care more, i really cannot control my tears. I can tell that you have no intention to really accept me and it hurts me more deeply then the time he broke my heart.Yet everytime you talk to me you made my heart sank deeper through your words. STOP IT REALLY!!If you are trying to say that you are considering as an excuse to avoid the fact, stop telling me as if its possible for us. I feel happy so when you tell me all those sweet talks everytime but just that i act as if i dont really care. You may think its a joke but i deadly serious, i really dont know if this is the right choice. I just want a normal life... I keep telling myself its the last time i believe in relationship
and yet i feel as if im a idiot in trusting the god.

Saturday, May 21, 2011♥
You Will Always Be With Me; 11:14 PM

Trying to live everyday happily but somehow...
Wish i can find this ONE :(

Woke up in the morning at 8 cant sleep tsk...but went bak to dreamland until 11.walked to imm to take sim card but turn out must go west mall hello shop take.
So we bus-ed and mrt towards there and woots it was so fast:D then accompany
my sister see phone because hers spoil.Was tempted to buy iphone 4 as my blackberry was stolen.
Angry sia my mom dont want buy for me!Sms-ed right after getting the sim card hehe with peisi and more.After tat took dad lorry to chua chu kang de farm area eat bbq food.Woots so spicy and shiok haha their chicken wing
rock \m/.Homed and slack all the way watching tv with 102 dalmation:).Comping
and off to see shows agn.As the day of us going out i feel less confidence, somehow
i feel that i got total no chance because i know who you really like the most.Should i
really give up?I know the chats every night was just a joke for you.But in my heart
how i wish it was real and feel so happy hearing it.At the same time feeling sad that
you didnt mean it at all for me.